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Tutorials - Introduction

In the past a lot of people have asked me how I draw, what kind of material I use and how long it takes me to finish a drawing.

Therefore I have decided to show you the process of some drawings, trying to explain what I did as the drawing progressed. I don't have a standing rule of how I have to progress with a drawing, I just scanned them from time to time. Some images explain themselves by just looking at them, but nonetheless I wrote a few comments and/or tipps to each one of them.

So thanks for reading, enjoy my tutorials, I hope you’ll find them useful.

The Sutherlands

Tutorial 01 - click This drawing was half fun half frustrating; the fun part was drawing Donald Sutherland (the one on the left), because time just flew by and the hair was suprisingly easy to draw. The not so fun part was drawing Kiefer Sutherland. I really found it difficult to make the drawing resemble him. One thing about the background (which doesn't exist): I wanted to make it dark, but decided against it, so now there are just two heads dangling in air.... which looks a bit funny. - click here to go to tutorial section

Kiefer Sutherland

Tutorial 2 - click Because the first drawing of Kiefer Sutherland didn't turn out the way I wanted (look above), I just had to give it another try. So I chose a reference picture where you would unmistakably recognize Kiefer Sutherland. The grim look is very characteristic for him I think. Still, I had some problems finding the right lenght and width of his face, but I think it turned out well (at least he's recognizable.... at last!). - click here to go to tutorial section

Native American

Tutorial 3 - click I've always wanted to draw a Native American (when I was little I wanted to become a "squaw"), but the problem was I never found a picture I liked. Then I got lucky, but the man on the picture didn't wear any feathers in his hair, so I added some from other pictures. I like how his eyebrows turned out (I'm a big fan of eyebrows). His hair doesn't really look realistic, but - to tell you the truth - it didn't bother me back then when I completed the drawing... - click here to go to tutorial section

Liv Tyler

Tutorial 4 - click This drawing was a present for a friend from school. Liv Tyler is her favourite actress, so I gave her the drawing I did especially for her as a birthday present. I found this great picture of Liv Tyler on the internet (with good resolution as well), wherefore I used it as a reference.
As you may see when you look at the steps of progression, I used a different kind of technique for drawing the hair (more details, reflections and movement). So go and check it out - click here to go to tutorial section