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Tutorials Introduction (page 3)

Dustin Hoffman

Tutorial 9 - click Okay, so this drawing was a real challenge for me. I wanted to draw Dustin Hoffman smiling from a frontal view. The problem was that I only found pictures that were either too small or from a 3/4 view. Therefore I had to improvise and imagine how he would look like smiling from a frontal view. For a long time, I wasn't sure if I should terminate the drawing because it didn't really resemble Dustin Hoffman at all. But I think that I did okay. - click here to go to tutorial section

Salman Khan

Tutorial 10 - click Salman Khan is another Bollywood actor. His eyes are just WOW! So, when I found this picture, I just had to draw him. It was kind of a exercise for me regarding drawing details. A few people who know what the reference picture looks like have told me that it doesn't really resemble Salman Khan that much, but I still like the drawing because of all the details in the eyebrows. My scanner is crap, so the dark parts actually are a lot darker and nicer looking... - click here to go to tutorial section

Johnny Depp

Tutorial 11 - click With this drawing I found out that I don't ever want to draw glasses again! I know they look a bit crooked, but they are like that on the reference picture. The nose and lips were really hard to draw, because on the reference picture you can't see them very well. It was a bad choice of reference foto, but I liked his smile.
I also like the way his shirt turned out, but otherwise I don't like the drawing at all. Even the background sucks! - click here to go to tutorial section


Tutorial 12 - click This drawing is for and of the same friend I gave the Liv Tyler drawing. It was also a birthday present. It took me almost a year to complete the drawing; I was under a lot of school stress, plus I wanted to do as many details as I could... I'm really pleased with how the hair turned out, since I hate drawing hair, I think it turned out pretty well. She also has some freckles, which I almost counted in order to get the drawing looking like her. Now, I wish I had done a background... - click here to go to tutorial section