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Tutorials Introduction (page 2)

Hrithik Roshan

Tutorial 5 - click Hrithik Roshan is a Bollywood actor. He has green brownish eyes, a very kind face (and a great body!). I have to confess, I chose this reference picture mostly because of his eyes, but also because there isn't a lot of hair to draw... I changed his bracelet so it wouldn't distract too much. That thing in the foreground is his arm, in case you didn't recognize it. I think the drawing came out well, but the shadows could have been done better. - click here to go to tutorial section

Mount Doom

Tutorial 6 - click This was a little experiment I did to see how well I would do for once not drawing a portrait. I can't tell you why I chose this picture (I could as well have drawn a still life of flowers or fruits)... I wanted the drawing to be dark and heavy, but not so that it would give the impression of unapproachability (since Sam and Frodo still had to get there...). I think the tower turned out well, about the eye on top of the tower I'm not so sure... I think I'll be sticking to portraiture! - click here to go to tutorial section

My Grandparents

Tutorial 7 - click This drawing was very hard for me to do. It was a birthday present to my grandfather and naturally my grandmother had to be with him on the picture. But I didn't have not one picture, on which both looked good, so I had to put two pictures together. I've never drawn old people before, therefore I wasn't sure how well it would turn out. I wanted the drawing to be light and not too detailed. My grandfather has this little twinkle in the eye which I tried to capture in the drawing and I think I succeded. - click here to go to tutorial section

Shahrukh Khan

Tutorial 8 - click One of the greatest actors from Bollywood. I fell for his gaze and his unique features. I had already done a drawing of him before, so I knew of the difficulty of getting his character trait right. I wanted to concentrate on his face, wherefore I left out the shadowing of his hands and T-shirt. Apropos T-shirt; I didn't like the jacked he has on in the reference picture, which is why I changed it to a simple white T-shirt that shows more of his neck and chest. I hope you like it - click here to go to tutorial section